Rick Smith: An Individual With Skills Set To Lead Securus Technologies

Richard A. Smith is an expert who holds an extensive year of experience in managing different companies in many national/international companies on numerous non-management/management positions. He is commonly referred to as Rick and people called him with his pet name because he is a very beautiful person with a beautiful cause.

He has worked in Securus in many positions, and presently he is the President and CEO of ST, and he is leading the team of professionals with his specialized skill set and education so that they can soar up above high in the sky. Rick also worked for Eschelon since 1998 till 2000, and during his stay with Eschelon, he gained an extensive experience that he had never learned from any other company he used to work.

Rick Smith has earned an Associate degree in Electrical Engineering from the Rochester Institute, a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of New York at Buffalo, comprising dual Master’s degree in Mathematics from the same university. And that’s why he has become the most suitable individual to become the president of a company that deals in the sharing of most sensitive data from behind bars to the outside world. Read more articles at HealingMagic.Net

ST knew that a wrong choice cannot just throw them to the deepest below part but would also turn them into a fail firm. So they can’t take the risk of hiring an individual who isn’t competent enough to handle the day to day chores of this inmate communication industry. So, that’s how Securus came in touch one of the most notable individuals for the crucial position of President and CEO.

Rick started working for Securus Technology in July 2008, and that was the time when ST wasn’t that famous, and people don’t know very much about this inmate communication industry as there were a huge number of companies already started working in that sector. A huge number of individual believe that Smith is an appropriate individual to control this most notable company of that time and help it, like he did in the past, of the company as of his drive, experience, and focus.

This extensive experience of Smith, allowed him to move ST forward and assist the team at ST to raise high in the sky and to make a name like none other organization in the same industry has ever done before. Smith also has an exceptional background, exclusive skill set along with a track record that is way too impressive and this uniqueness made him prominent among other companies. He has worked in operations, finance, IT, telecommunications business development, and much more industries. However, the way he managed inmate communication firm such as Securus Technology, it was marvelous. Check this article at Bloomberg.com to know more about Rick Smith.

Securus prevents crime through Location Based Services

Securus Technologies is America’s foremost prison communications provider. Over the years, it has made a name for itself, providing some of the lowest rates seen in prisons across the country. This has allowed countless thousands of inmates to stay in contact with their families with frequencies that were, and decades past, never thought imaginable.


However, the company is also engaged in research, development and deployment of some of the most cutting-edge technologies involved in the prison industry today. Many of these technologies are proving themselves as invaluable tools in the fight against criminal activity that so often threatens the stability and safety of our nation’s jails and prisons.


One such technology is JLG Investigator Pro. This system borrows capabilities from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan and brings them to the nation’s jails and prisons, giving administrators and staff state-of-the-art tools for the prevention and fighting of crime.


One of the systems most powerful features is its biometric voice recognition system. Going far beyond anything you might find with typical voice recognition programs, such as Siri on Apple devices, JLG’s voice recognition system is capable of positively identifying all parties engaging in any communication on the prison phone system. Furthermore, all parties who are unknown have their voices stored for later biometric analysis. This allows officers to tag and identify those people who are thought to be at risk of perpetrating criminal activity within the prison. Officers have the option to ban parties or to flag certain participants in conversations. This can be accomplished completely automatically, freeing investigators to only concentrate on the most pressing cases.


Such state-of-the-art technology is helping prisons across the country maintain a safe environment for prisoners. It is also being used to convict outside parties who attempt to introduce contraband, interfere with prison operations and act in furtherance of criminal conspiracy with organized gangs inside prison.




Rick Shinto Strong Leadership Skills Steers InnovaCare Health to Greater Heights

InnovaCare Health is one of the leading providers of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plans in the United States. The institution was established several years ago, and since then, it has demonstrated excellence in all its operations, especially modeling affordable and sustainable plans that incorporate the latest technology advancements. The institution has won the hearts of many clients due to the quality of services it offers.

Being a leader in the competitive industry is not easy. InnovaCare Health employs the best and most experienced professionals in the healthcare department to ensure that it remains on top. Not long ago, the company decided to strengthen the leadership team by employing more executives. According to a report from the healthcare company, three executives with vast knowledge in the in the industry are already working with InnovaCare Health. The new team is expected to deliver great results under the leadership of Richard Shinto, the president and chief executive officer of the institution.

Dr. Shinto popularly known as Rick has gathered more than two decades expertise in the operational and healthcare department. The successful doctor established his career many years ago when he was working in southern California as the pulmonologist and internist. After some years, Rick Shinto moved Medpartners where he worked as the corporate vice president. Shinto has also worked with Cal Optima, Medical Pathways, and Aveta Inc. Before Aveta was sold in 2012, Rick was working as the chief executive officer.

Read more article: https://templeofthecave.com/innovacare-health-rick-shinto/

Shinto has authored several books in his entire career. Most of his publications focus on clinical medicine and general health, and they have done very well in the health care industry. Rick acquired his B.S from the prestigious University of California, based in Irvine. He later went for a medical degree from State University in New York City. Shinto is believed to have obtained his MBA from the University of Redlands. Learn more about Rick on xrepublic.net

According to a recent report, Penelope Kokkinides will be working at InnovaCare Health as the chief administration officer. Penelope is recognized as one of the most experienced women in the healthcare industry. Penelope has served in the Medicare and Medicaid plans industry for more than twenty years, specializing in government programs. Penelope Kokkinides has a track record for developing some of the best clinical programs in the industry. These programs have increased the sustainability and efficiencies of organizational structures. Penelope will work in close collaboration with Rick Shinto to deliver positive results. Mike Sortino has also joined the organization.

Read more about Rick on Businesswire.

The Investment Expertise of Igor Cornelsen

Brazil has been developing at a high rate in the past few years, and this has made it be regarded as one of the last rising economies in the world. The growth has been attracting many investors to establish businesses in the country. The sectors that are considered to be highly profitable in the area include agriculture, finance, and infrastructure on Twitter. The country has a high potential that can be beneficial to companies that would like to expand their businesses to other regions. The leading sector in the area is agriculture. Brazil is known for being one of the leading food producers, and this makes the industry highly profitable on tripod.com. The country also offers many infrastructure development opportunities since it is one of the biggest in the world.

Igor Cornelsen is a knowledgeable banker in Brazil. He has sufficient experience in the investment sector and has been guiding people on the best ways that they can invest in the country. The first tip that the banking expert offers is that businesspeople should develop excellent networks by connecting with other people. He believes that having healthy relationships facilitate success and therefore investors should meet as many people as the can. Approximately 25 percent of the Brazilian adults are businesspeople. Individuals can create good networks by interacting with people on various social media platforms such as Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/igor.cornelsen.

The second guideline that Igor Cornelsen gives is that investors should be keen on meeting regulatory requirements when conducting business in the country. Brazil has very many business laws that should be followed so as to avoid having problems with the government. One should ensure that he or she has all the required licenses before venturing into a business.

The third pointer that Mr. Igor Cornelsen offers is that investors should be well informed on the foreign exchange policies that are used in the country. The currency exchange rates differ with the nature of transaction being conducted. Only a few banking institutions in Brazil are allowed to be involved in the foreign exchange business. Investors should always be informed of the rates that are in the market and banks that have the excellent services.

George Soros – Contributing To Build A Better America

When it comes to the political sphere of the United States, one man needs special mention. The United States has witnessed significant ups and downs both politically and economically in the last decade, and it is this volatility that George Soros believed could have ended if Hillary Clinton would have won. He went out of his way to support Democratic Party and funded Clinton’s campaign through Super PACs and direct contribution more than $24 million.

George Soros is one of the most well-known businessmen, author, opinion leader, political strategist, lobbyist, political contributor, and financial experts in the world today. He has helped carve not only the politics in the United States but has influenced the politics of many other countries remotely. In countries where he felt the existing regime would not carry forward the vision of its population and achieve growth it deserves, he has reconfigured the entire political landscape singlehandedly to topple the government. It goes on to show his strength as a political influential in the world today.

Know more: https://www.project-syndicate.org/columnist/george-soros

After fleeing Hungary where he was born due to the Nazi takeover, he moved to London and joined London School of Economics. After completing his studies in Finance from London School of Economics, he moved to the United States to try his hands on the most powerful business districts in the world, Manhattan. He worked for the major finance firm on the Wall Street for a couple of years before forming his company and started a fund with $12 million capital.

The fund was later rebranded to be known as Quantum Fund. Over the years, Soros Fund Management, which is a hedge funding company started by George Soros, has provided consistent returns to its investors. Regarding return on investment, Soros Fund Management has provided a return of over 40 percent to its investors annually for the last couple of decades, which is higher than many other competitors in the field of hedge funding. Read more on NYTimes.com

George Soros believes that there is a major transformation needed in the justice system of the United States, where blacks and minorities, who are given jail term can rather get probation or correctional sentence, which would save their career from getting ruined. He has witnessed major racial disparity existing in the country and in the country’s federal system, which he feels needs to be uprooted.

His net worth in today’s date is over $25.2 Billion, and he is the 22nd richest person on the planet. George Soros, even at 86 today, is a highly dynamic personality and works relentlessly to support his causes, mostly through his global foundation named “Open Society Foundation.” Few of the organizations he supports are Faithful America, Free Exchange on Campus, Families USA, Energy Action Coalition, Machsom Watch, Media Fund, National Council of La Raza, Peace Development Fund, People for the America Way, and much more.

Learn more about his profile at Forbes.com

Arthur Becker Knows How To Identify Talent

The strategy is what sets any business vertical apart. And talent will always be the key to success. Hence for Arthur Becker, it is all about identifying the talent, motivating them to share your vision and then empowering them to achieve the goals of the business.

He is the Managing Member of Madison Partners, LLC. This is an investment firm. It is focused primarily on real estate as well as the Bio Tech ventures that are in early stages. Before this Arthur Becker was the Chairman & CEO of Zinio, LLC. This is the largest digital newsstand in the world. He has also served NaviSite, which is a NASDAQ quoted company as its CEO. This company provides internet technology services, in addition to hosting along with co-location to businesses. It has offices in the US, UK as well as India. NaviSite is providing data center hosting as well as application managements which are cloud based. It caters mainly to the enterprise market.

Arthur Becker has worked as a senior advisor for seven years with the Vera Wang fashion company, reveals the NY Daily News. He has also been a private investor dealing in technology as well as real estate.

While he was with NaviSite and ZINIO, Arthur Becker got intrigued with both technologies as well as real estate. After NaviSite got sold, he invested in New York City and Miami by getting into the condominium development. He is quite fascinated with paradigms evolving in the bio technology.

Presently Arthur Becker is looking at completing a series of Town Houses that are located on Sullivan St. in New York City, read: https://therealdeal.com/2016/08/30/tech-mogul-arthur-becker-gets-trio-of-townhouses-for-stake-in-soho-project/. Next, he will be building a luxury residential condominium in Tribeca.

He likes to work with people who are competent in real estate or who have the passion for technology. Arthur Becker is intrigued by the latest trends in bio tech, especially the ones in the field of treatment of cancer. He tries to balance his passionate and drive with a lot of critical thinking.


A Look At Betsy DeVos’ Charitable Giving

Betsy DeVos grew up in Holland, Michigan. Her father is Edgar Prince, the billionaire founder of Prince Corporation which is an automobile parts supplier. DeVos earned her bachelor’s degree at Calvin College which is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She married Dick DeVos who, as the son of Amway’s co-founder Richard DeVos, also came from a wealthy family. Both Betsy and Dick come from families with a history of generous donations to charitable causes and they have continued the tradition through their Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation which they founded in 1989.

Also in 1989, Betsy and Dick co-founded the Windquest Group and Betsy serves as its Chairwoman. The Windquest Group, which is privately held, invests in manufacturing, technology, and clean energy. The couple is also the primary investors in Neurocore for which they also serve as board members. Neurocore is a chain of brain performance centers that provides treatment for mental conditions such as autism, depression, and attention deficit disorder. Check her website for more info at betsydevos.com

Betsy Devos’ philanthropy is rooted in her faith. The charitable giving that goes through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation includes 5 key areas; community, education, arts, justice, and leadership. One of the the nonprofits they fund is the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Pediatric Oncology Program. This program is at the center of a network of 26 universities and children’s hospitals called the Neuroblastoma and Medulloblastoma Translational Research Consortium that seeks to find cures for childhood cancers. Due in no small part to Betsy’s donations the pediatric cancer program at this hospital has been rated #1 in the United States for the past 5 years by U.S. News and World Report. Check this article from NYPost.

Another charity that Betsy DeVos supports is the American Federation for Children. This nonprofit seeks to provide more educational choice for kids in the K-12 educational system. This organization works at the state-level in order to provide low and middle income families a choice in what school their child attends. This can include public schools, private schools, home schooling, public charter schools, virtual learning, or a combination of these different environments.

In addition to charitable giving, Betsy DeVos has also served as a board member for a number of nonprofits. Among these is The Potter’s House School for which she was an Advisory Board Member from 1994 to 2016. This school, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, provides an education to all children regardless of income level. Another board she has served on is the Great Lakes Education Project which has a mission that a child’s zip code shouldn’t determine their educational choices and outcome. This organization also supports school choice, leaving it up to the parents on what type of education a child has and where so that they can meet the best interests of their children.

Read more: http://www.philanthropyroundtable.org/topic/excellence_in_philanthropy/interview_with_betsy_devos

Mike Baur: Changing the Fortunes of Global Business Startups

Mike Baur is the co-founder and managing partner of Swiss Startup Factory. Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur who has worked in the banking industry for more than 20 years, including Clariden Leu and UBS. He quit his career in banking to embark on investing in startup companies. He is a co-founding partner of Swiss Startup Factory, together with like-minded business associates, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. Baur contributed as an associate judge at the START Summiteer, a start-up pitching challenge at the University of St Gallen.


In January 2016, Mike was chosen as the deputy managing director of CTI Invest during the Swiss Startup Factory merger with CTI. He led the Swiss Startup Factory through its hyped program with Goldbach Group in the first quarter of 2016, as well as its joint venture with Fintech Fusion in February 2016. The Wall Street Journal summarized Baur’s career from a Swiss banker to an entrepreneur and startup investor in December 2016.


Mike Baur also founded Think Reloaded Ag in April 2014 as its managing partner. He showed his excellent business skills and acumen while in his youth and was always fascinated by finance and banking services.


Today, Mike has years of specialized experience and understanding of the Swiss banking business. He has combined excellent banking knowledge, capitalist thinking, and proven accomplishment of financial management. He also has a diverse network of customers and numerous years of managerial experience in various banks across the country. Mike Baur is passionate about investing time and available resources in young Swiss businessmen and women and tirelessly supports different Swiss start-ups as a financial consultant.


Mike grew up in the bilingual town of Fribourg, Western Switzerland. He is married and currently lives with his family in Zürich, Switzerland. As a co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory, Mike is responsible for fundraising and financing projects at the organization. He believes that startups should grow into global companies that defy popular business ideas and products.


Swiss Startup Factory


The Swiss Startup Factory began its operations in 2014 motivated by the dream to build global companies that go against the established business models, practices, and products. The Swiss Startup Factory’s dream is dual. First, the founders want to project and run accelerator programs with international standards that will set the pace for other upcoming startup programs. Secondly, they aim to provide all the required services involved in creating a qualified business idea in what they call a 360° startup service.


The foundation of Swiss Startup Factory is based on providing a detailed three-month development training course that provides entrepreneurs with business services, financing, mentoring, coaching, access to investor networks, and office space.


Things You Should Remember When Choosing Hair Shampoo

Most hair products are made with chemicals that cannot match the needs of different people. Everyone reacts differently to chemicals, so there is need to choose a product that will not leave you with scars after using for a long period of time. The good part about buying shampoo is that you can get one that matches your skin and the kind of hair you have. The market is also broad and different companies offer shampoos that come with different properties that are ideal for maintaining one’s hair.

When choosing shampoo, you should understand the medical conditions you could be having that will prevent you from choosing a certain type of shampoo or hair conditioner. Visit your doctor for an opinion on whether certain products will have any effect on your skin.

Also look at the type of hair you have. Those whose hair is thin are in a better position when they choose shampoo that is designed with cleaning agents. The chemical in the shampoo helps to remove dirt and oil that could have stuck on the strands and this gives free flowing hair at the final step. If the hair is curly, you need to choose specifically shampoo that contains proteins and marked as fit for curly hair.

About Wen By Chaz

Wen hair offers revolutionary hair cleansing conditioners that have won awards for offering the best results. Most celebrities in the showbiz have turned to Wen By Chaz for styling and hair products. The company was established by Chaz Dean, whose passion in photography triggered the idea to enter into beauty while he was working with different celebrities. The products offered by Wen hair on QVC have attracted a huge following(see, https://www.facebook.com/WENhaircare/) due to the quality and reliability they have proved to offer. It is a completely new product that is designed to serve the needs of the user.