The Direct Response Show by U.S Money Reserve

Started in 2001, the US Money Reserve is now the world’s largest private distributor of government-issued gold, silver, and Platinum legally. Many clients in the US use the services to diversify assets by using precious element metals like gold and silver coins.

There are complete plans to start a show that will take 28 minutes airing. It will be held at the 2016 Gold Summit in L.A, California. The program will be moderated by Larry King and will also include Michael Reagan, son of the former president.

Then a panelist trio of US Money Reserve will articulate the benefits of owning gold as a citizen. More lessons will be on the volatility of the current financial market, dollar, buying power and the global events impacting the gold prices. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Panelists are experienced experts in the finance industry who are very reliable and now a lot. They are, Philip Diehl who is the President of US Money Reserve, and Chairman of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA), John Rothans, Master Numismatist at US Money Reserve and last but not least Brad Castillo former vice president of the sales at US Money Reserve.

It will showcase the company’s efforts especially the production team and their talent. They will be proud to feature Larry King who will moderate the proceedings as they talk about the important and sensitive topics that concern the precious metals in the market.

The son of the former president, Michael Reagan will bring more fruition to the program. His personal association with Larry King will characterize the program as interesting, and the two legends will showcase a good relationship. They will uniquely work together to host this new program.

The company has had the pleasure to work with and for many people. They have created a type of trusted guidance needed during the purchase of these precious metals. They have taken advantage of many financial benefits that come with owning precious metals. US Money Reserve can help clients choose the coins that afford the highest value. Making wise choices is their guarantee to the customers.

Personnel there are trained to handle clients in a special way to maximize the service delivery. In the end, the client’s finances status will have been maximized, and their accounts will be on the rise constantly after buying Gold and other precious metal.

These services are offered efficiently, and customer satisfaction is what they prioritize.