Fabletics: A Unicorn of Athletic Wear

A unicorn is described as a startup that soars to such incredible new heights in such a short period of time that it is almost unbelievable. It can also define something a startup brings to the marketplace that you just can’t believe didn’t exist before. Both of those things fall exactly under the blanket of athletic wear company Fabletics, who has had such a meteoric rise in the past few years it has been compared to the likes of Uber and Apple.

As technology continues to become more and more tangible in our life and as consumers expect a flawless online e-commerce website, the way companies do things is evolving rapidly and efficiently. Companies such as Amazon that have become continual innovators have forced others to follow. Similarly, grocery delivery has caused all grocery stores to find the need to provide that above average customer experience. Basically, today’s consumer wants what we want fast and we want it without leaving the comfort of our couch with computer or smartphone in hand.

Fabletics has seen incredible growth and market adoption using the technique of a reverse showroom, the opposite of what most modern retailors continue to use. Thought Fabletics does have several physical locations throughout the United States, it’s focus is always on that online retail experience and co-founders say the physical locations are there to compliment the online experience, not vice versa. Not only does Fabletics provide a seamless digital experience, but it goes above and beyond to charm and woo customers to become continuing loyal adopters that actually enjoy the experience of spending money monthly with Fabletics.


When you join as a member, you are offered items at discount prices, increasing the incentive to sign up. Each member receives a tailored user profile as a result of an online Lifestyle Quiz (check it out on their website if you haven’t yet), further increasing the chance of a positive experience coming from every shipment. Fabletics also goes above and beyond in their showroom, keeping items that weren’t purchased in a sub compartment of a shopping cart and providing top customer service.


These little things that make the reverse showroom experience so great at what made Kate Hudson so drawn to Fabletics from day one. She believes on putting her name on quality products and services that enrich the lives of people who purchase them and feels Fabletics does just that, while also encouraging physical fitness and positivity for women.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Could Have Amazon’s Number

Amazon has been comfortably perched in the top spot of e-commerce women’s apparel for many years, taking in more than 20 percent of the sales in this space. Even though little clothing retailers have come and gone, one particular retailer of women’s workout apparel and active-wear is creating a buzz this space has not seen in quite some time. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has gone from a company you never heard about three years ago to one that has sold more than $250 million in sales of her unique athleisure brand.


With Amazon enjoying the top spot in this space for so many years, it begs the question as to how Hudson was able to grow her brand so quickly and sustain such incredible sales numbers. She credits the ultimate success of the company to reverse showrooming and her membership program. The shopping experience at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is completely unique compared to that of Amazon, and it all starts at the mall in the retail Fabletics store. Women are lining up to get their free membership to the store, take the Lifestyle Quiz to enhance their memberships, window shop on their breaks, and try on everything they can while in the store. Yet many never buy anything while at the store.


How does Fabletics sustain growth if the retail stores are not pushing to reach sales quotas?


The magic happens when these same women go home and relax while surfing at the Fabletics website. part of the benefit of the membership is all those items that were worn in the retail store are now in the website profile for consideration. This mans that these women already know the active-wear fits them perfectly, so they shop for new releases, similar styles, or unique color patterns. What this means for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is that instead of buying one or two pieces at the mall store, these women are stuffing their online carts with three, four, or more pieces because they already know they will fit them when they arrive. This is a huge contrast to shopping at Amazon and hoping it fits.


It looks like Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has found a way to combine ease of shopping, free shipping, and low pricing, all in an effort to enhance her shopping experience. These women feel like Hudson actually is taking extra steps to pamper them, and the sales numbers are proof this company is doing something right.