Daniel Taub the face of Israel

Daniel Taub is a British born Israel diplomat who has represented Israel in the international world for quite a long time. He served for four years as the ambassador.

The 1962 born diplomat is also a writer and a lawyer, and that is why he has been able to represent Israel professionally. He has served as the Israel Ambassador to the U.K. before but currently is at the Yad Hanadiv and holds the position of Director of Planning. The Yad Hanadiv (Rothchild) is a Jerusalem based foundation.

When he was the Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Principal, Legal advisor, he represented Israel in New York and Geneva as the legal adviser to United Nations missions. Under this jurisdiction, he represented Israel in many fora. Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://www.bloomberg.com/authors/AC5IR9iOgJI/daniel-taub

On matters of peace, he was not left behind. During the Israel-Palestinian peace process, he was actively involved by even going to Northern Ireland to learn more and gain experience. In the Israel-Syria negotiations, he was a committee member. During the hearing of Israel’s security at the International court of justice, he headed the Israel delegation given the observation mandate. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

When the UN was investigating the Gaza flotilla incident, Daniel Taub represented Israel in the committee. There was the issue of Magen David Adom, the Israel’s Red Cross Society exclusion from the International Red Cross society Movement. He negotiated, and the organization entered in the International Red Cross Movement.

Daniel Taub overcame some objections that he was junior from the Ministry Union when he was appointed Ambassador to St James’s Courts in 2011.He became the second UK born Israeli Ambassador Britain and received many praises from colleagues.

It’s in Daniel Taub’s tenure as the Ambassador between 2011 and 2013 that the UK-Israel bilateral trade hit $8 Billion marks. Due to this success for developing trade and business, he was nominated for the Grass root Diplomatic Initiative Award. In matters of interfaith and cross-cultural activities, Daniel Taub taught Bible and Hebrew classes at the Church of England Synod and also in Westminster Abbey.

He was the first Israel Ambassador to be interviewed by the BBC Persian service. Above all, he is a prominent public speaker with a sense of humor, and this earned him many interviews on television like Sky News, CNN, Newsnight, and Hardtalk not forgetting the BBC Radio. Indeed Daniel Taub is the face of Israel in the International world.

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