Omar Boraie’s Successful Career in Real Estate Industry

Omar Boraie is a very optimistic entrepreneur, and for many years he has been able to identify great real estate opportunities in New Brunswick. Among the most of his remarkable investments is the latest apartments named as The Aspire. The Aspire is expected to house incredible residential houses of different capacities which feature implausible layouts. Omar has been dreaming for some time about such an investment, and he is excited that it is coming to pass through the construction of The Aspire. All these investments are done through Boraie Development which is a leading real estate development company in New Brunswick.

Sam Boraie is a leading executive at Boraie Development LLC, and he says that when he was thinking of building The Aspire, he had in mind the designs he had seen in Europe and wanted to New Brunswick to be rebuilt in the same manner. He didn’t like the way the city looked like and actually described it as terrible. From this view, he began dreaming of making things better. Happily, his dreams came to pass because he has a beautiful office situated at the eighth floor where he can get a gorgeous view of the city. Before, no such a thing could be enjoyed because the place had over 20 buildings that were crumbled together. He began by acquiring all these buildings and many people thought he was insane, but he had a great foresight of his plan. You can visit to know more.

His first investment was a building known as Tower One, and it consisted of an office space. After its completion, a second tower which was built beside Tower One was constructed by the year 2003. Omar loved the two towers being his first real estate investments but he identified a residential area on which got him interested. He aspired to build condominiums in this specific area, and indeed he came to build in it the tallest building in the city. It holds 121 residential units, adequate space for offices, retail businesses, a parking garage and outside space for barbecues and dog walking. Omar acknowledged everyone who believed in him and his dreams because without them he would not have accomplished anything. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more info.

About boraie Development LLC

Boraie development LLC is a leading real estate development company in New Brunswick, and they have been offering their services focusing on urban real estate market. Apart from offering real estate development, Boraie development also offers property management services and sales and marketing. The company has been successful in their projects, and this can be credited to their dedicated staff team, visionary contractors and architects and their partnering with strong financial institutions.

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