Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer as a Role Model

In an article on Globo, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, also known as Duda, is a Brazilian business leader known for his family’s business in media. Duda’s family has been involved in news and print media for over three generations, and his initiatives have recently moved to the online sector. Wanting to turn Brazil into an online leader, Duda has invested nearly $300 million within the last few years into startups. Although these aren’t new companies typically, they are companies with a promising future for digital sales success. Among these are the largest wine distributor in Latin America and a contemporary art show based in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

According to Acaert, Duda’s business experience and education support his great success in business. He attended undergraduate studies at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration, he continued his education at Harvard University. Earning a Harvard MBA provided many connections in the business world, and Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer took advantage of these great opportunities. He worked as an analyst in finance and also as a director at a media company in New York that specialized in “unconventional” efforts. He’s served for many years at RBS Group as vice president and has recently been named as chairman of the board of directors. This succession has made him the third generation as “CEO,” succeeding his uncle and grandfather.

Family in business has been important to Duda Melzer. He often credits family as being as being the most important part of his success. He also has studied family owned enterprises extensively to grow professionally. As a recognized leader in family business, he’s received many awards for his commitment and dedication. Duda’s works are seen not only in his family business but also in his involvement with his children. Duda certainly is a leader both in the corporate world and a great role model for families everywhere.

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Human, Civil, and Migrant Advocacy Groups

Everybody is entitled to various rights. Most of the rights are in the constitution. Some groups of people do not get their legal rights. They are marginalized and treated unfairly in various cases. Certain individuals and organizations have formed advocacy and human rights groups to fight for the rights of the marginalized people.

Many human right activists are also leading the human rights movements. Many registered groups advocate for civil, human, and migrants’ rights across the state. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been on the front line to advocate for such rights.

They are the co-founders of Phoenix New times and Village Voice Media. They had been jailed for revealing the existence of Grand Jury reports and were issued the warrant for arrest. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were later released and offered $3.75 million settlement fund for their unfair arrest on 18th October 2007 by Joe Arpaio who is a county sheriff.

They dedicated the money to civil, human, and migrants rights and called it the Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund. The fund will be used to advocate for freedom of speech and civic participation throughout Arizona.

Some Border Advocacy groups advocate for human rights along the borders. One of the groups includes South Texas Human right center. It is a group that seeks to end death and suffering that occur on the Texas-Mexico border. They use different communities to attain this goal and to ensure the rights of the migrants.

Other groups are online based including It uses online platforms to mobilize resources to advocate for civil, human, and migrant’s rights. It is a humanitarian organization that is based in Southern Arizona. It uses the internet to promote human rights and ends death and suffering in US-Mexico Border. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Border Network for Human rights advocacy groups also works towards immigration reforms. They have the resources to mobilize national reforms. They provide annual reports and documented information on various abuses along the border. American Friends Services Committee San Diego supports rights advocacy groups and their inclusion in policy debates. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund

The Advocates for Human Rights stops violence against women and advocates for gender equality rights. They also provide support and advocate rights for detainees. They push agendas to stop hate groups and provide human rights training.

National Networks for Immigrants and refugees rights is another advocacy group that is seeking to provide civil, human, and migrant’s rights. They organize for various participation in global events like the UN Conference against Racism and Xenophobia.

It also organizes partners to impact the law and governmental policies directly. They build migrant and labor movements that seek to support migration and human rights. Advocacy groups are registered annually. The fight for human, civil, and migrant’s rights continues.

Cleansing Conditioner For Healthy Hair

Ever wish your hair routine didn’t take up so much time? Well, now your wish has been granted by WEN by Chaz, one of the hair industry’s trending companies. What makes WEN by Chaz stand out, you ask? The answer is hair care that is easier, less time-consuming, and healthier for people’s hair!

WEN Hair by Chaz’s no-poo shampoos cleanse and condition at the same time, making only one product necessary for one’s hair washing regimen. Even better is that WEN by Chaz’s hair care products are made with non-harsh chemicals, making special efforts to avoid sodium laureth sulfate. Without the use of sodium laureth sulfate, hair is not stripped of its natural oils; these oils are necessary for healthy strands and beautiful shine.

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The benefits of using a no-poo shampoo (or as some call it, a cleansing conditioner), is that the natural oils are allowed to protect the hair strands. As the strands stay protected, breakage occurs less, allowing hair to grow longer and stronger. The natural oils also promote a nice shine, allowing hair to catch other’s attention for its healthy look. Another benefit of cleansing conditioners is that they save time in the shower. With less time spent on caring for hair, more time can be spent on other activities, such as catching up on some much needed sleep in the mornings. With the benefits of no-poo shampoos, people can spend time on what matters most.

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The Direct Response Show by U.S Money Reserve

Started in 2001, the US Money Reserve is now the world’s largest private distributor of government-issued gold, silver, and Platinum legally. Many clients in the US use the services to diversify assets by using precious element metals like gold and silver coins.

There are complete plans to start a show that will take 28 minutes airing. It will be held at the 2016 Gold Summit in L.A, California. The program will be moderated by Larry King and will also include Michael Reagan, son of the former president.

Then a panelist trio of US Money Reserve will articulate the benefits of owning gold as a citizen. More lessons will be on the volatility of the current financial market, dollar, buying power and the global events impacting the gold prices. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Panelists are experienced experts in the finance industry who are very reliable and now a lot. They are, Philip Diehl who is the President of US Money Reserve, and Chairman of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA), John Rothans, Master Numismatist at US Money Reserve and last but not least Brad Castillo former vice president of the sales at US Money Reserve.

It will showcase the company’s efforts especially the production team and their talent. They will be proud to feature Larry King who will moderate the proceedings as they talk about the important and sensitive topics that concern the precious metals in the market.

The son of the former president, Michael Reagan will bring more fruition to the program. His personal association with Larry King will characterize the program as interesting, and the two legends will showcase a good relationship. They will uniquely work together to host this new program.

The company has had the pleasure to work with and for many people. They have created a type of trusted guidance needed during the purchase of these precious metals. They have taken advantage of many financial benefits that come with owning precious metals. US Money Reserve can help clients choose the coins that afford the highest value. Making wise choices is their guarantee to the customers.

Personnel there are trained to handle clients in a special way to maximize the service delivery. In the end, the client’s finances status will have been maximized, and their accounts will be on the rise constantly after buying Gold and other precious metal.

These services are offered efficiently, and customer satisfaction is what they prioritize.

Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC Seeks Legal Intervention over Insurance Settlement

The former Hawks ownership, inclusive of Bruce Levenson has decided to seek legal help against their then insurance company. The former management claims that New Hampshire Insurance Company breached the terms of the contract agreed upon. The claims further alleged that it was during the reign of the former manager Mr. Ferry. However, the present Hawks ownership management that is overseen by Mr. Ressler is not involved in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit is a civil act claiming both insurance bad faith and breach of contract. The former Hawks ownership filed their case on September 2013 in the Superior Court located in Fulton town. According to the AHBE Group, they were covered for several losses involving employment practices and were not restricted to acts such as “Workplace Torts” and “Wrongful Termination.”

In reference to the documents represented to the court, The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment Group gave communication to the AIG on 2nd April 2015 stating that Mr. Danny claimed to have covered the alleged claims.

The relationship between the former Hawks ownership and Mr. Danny kicked off in the year 2012. However, on 22 June 2015, the relationship took a new turn when they both agreed to an undisclosed buyout contract. According to Forbes Magazine, interesting to note, two days down the line came the approval to sell the franchise to Tony Ressler’s group.

The present Hawks ownership spokesperson reveals that they have full knowledge of the complaint at hand, despite the fact that the key parties involved in the lawsuit are no longer linked to them. Further information from the court states that the amount of the claim is confidential. According to the lawsuit, the AIG failed in acknowledging the fact that a claim was issued and a procedure initiated. When the law firm representing AHBE was reached for any comments, their response was that the legal complaint says it all!

Mr. Levenson is the former owner of Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. He is also a Partner and Co-Founder at UCG, United Communications Group that took place in the year 1977. Earlier on, Bruce was a writer for both Observer Publishing and the Washington Star.

From February 10, 2015, he held the position of Director for TechTarget, Inc. Mr. Levenson is an alumnus of Washington University where he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree.

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